What Hand Should You Hold Your Fork In UK?

what hand should you hold your fork in uk

What hand should you hold your fork in UK? The question may arise in our minds often. Sometimes we get confused between the usage of a fork and a knife when eating our meals. Both these utensils are of great importance and one should use it appropriately. Following are some etiquette based eating habits for both the male and female of the species.

Men are usually oriented towards eating in a way different from ladies. They hold their forks with both hands while eating. If you are a man, then do not ever make the mistake of holding your fork with just one hand. It is improper way of behaving. Hold it with both hands if you want to please others.

While eating, always be aware of what is around you. You must see the surroundings and avoid being distracted by something around. Always keep your eyes on the food and do not let the fork fall on any part which is dirtied. Dirtied areas will spoil quickly and that is not hygienic at all.

If you want to eat in a proper way, you must be very attentive to your surroundings and surrounding things. Do not forget the fork that you are using. Take care of it. Clean it properly after every meal. See that it is clean and do not forget to replace it after each meal.

There is always a possibility that food may spill over from the plate and you may need to wipe it up immediately. Avoid placing the food on a dirty surface. Use a clean one, so that there is no food left. Use the fork to take the food out of the plate. That way you can maintain hygiene.

The second question, “what hand should you hold your fork in UK?” You must hold the fork with two hands. It may sound very simple but it is one thing that most of us overlook and it leads to a lot of accidents because the fork gets dropped or swallowed accidentally. Therefore it is better to hold it with two hands.

Some people say that the two-handed fork is the best. However, it is not the best all the time. A single-hand fork is considered healthier because you only put the food in your mouth with your lower jaw. This keeps the food away from your upper teeth, which is one cause of bad breath. So, use a single-hand fork for eating your meal.

I hope that this article has been informative. If you would like further information on “what hand should you hold your fork in UK”, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I would be more than happy to teach you about proper eating habits. Please follow my blog if you want to learn how I go back on my words once I write something new.

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