Tips For Good Table Manners

table manners spoon and fork positions

Table manners are important when you invite people over for dinner. A lot of people forget how important table manners are and they end up messing up the table as well as making a really bad impression. By learning how to eat properly with table manners you will be able to impress your guests a lot better. However, not everyone knows what table manners are. In this article I am going to show you a few tips on how to eat properly and not make an embarrassing situation worse for yourself.

Before I start with the first tip, let me tell you that table manners start before you even sit down at the table. The way you carry yourself while eating is very important. It is not only about eating but it is also about how you are sitting and holding yourself. It is important to learn the correct way to hold a fork and a spoon. It is best if you start from eating on your dining table, and once you get the hang of it you can transfer it to any table.

One of the most important table manners is called waiter etiquette. You should always be aware of your surroundings and the people that are around you. For example if there are a lot of people at the table and you are holding the fork with both hands you should lower your fork to one ear and raise the other one. This way you won’t make a big deal out of looking down, but it will still be seen as a polite way to eat. This also applies to the work you are holding.

Another one of the table manners that is important is not to eat the food from your plate. There is a lot of etiquette that you can learn from this one. When you finish eating just clean up your plate and put it back on the table. It is better to just set it up at the table and leave it there. After eating you should wipe it up so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Never place your plate down while eating. Some people may be doing other things but you shouldn’t be. Take your time and eat your meal. Placing your fork down while eating is very unprofessional and you should avoid doing it.

Do not pour your soup into your plate. Some people might assume that you are just trying to speed up the meal, but this is not the case. Table manners require that you take your time when eating. If you pour your soup in your plate it shows that you are impatient and you have a bad disposition.

Keep your napkin in your hand. A lot of table manners require that you keep your napkin close to your body. The reason being is that we often forget to wipe our hands before we eat. Don’t be like that and keep your napkin next to you so that you don’t have to reach all the way over to your lap. Table manners also require that you always eat with your elbows facing each other.

When you are eating with the fork and spoon the distance between your legs should be equal to the height of the table. If you are eating with a sprig of lettuce then you should put your legs apart a couple inches more than your knees. There are just a few other little changes that you can make and you will notice that after a few times of being in the same table position with other people, you start to feel more comfortable.

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