How to Eat With Fork and Spoon – The New Way of Eating Rice

So you want to learn how to eat with a fork and spoon. Don’t worry it is not that difficult a task. It is simply learning the proper way to eat with proper table manners. I learned this the hard way when I had a terrible eating disorder, but I kept at it and I did finally reach recovery. Thank God for the support I got from my mother who taught me how to eat with a fork and spoon.

how to eat with fork and spoon rice

When you are eating rice in a traditional American Indian style you place your hand under the bowl to hold it steady. You then use two hands to pick up the grain with the spoon and move it around in the bowl. The reason you are holding the rice between your thumb and index finger is so that you can eat with the full palate as your tongue does not have to cover the entire grain. This method of eating rice will also prevent the rice from becoming slimy.

In order to eat the grain with your fork you will need two spoons. One large spoon for mixing the rice and the other to dip the bowl in. The one with the spoon will be used to mix the rice into the other. The big spoon will be used for removing the grains from the bowl. Never put any food, liquid or grease into your mouth when you are eating rice.

When you have finished eating the meal spoon your food into smaller pieces. Place these pieces in small cups or containers. You never want to re-use the spoon you just used for mixing the food. The spoon can still be contaminated with food particles. You should also clean the cup and containers where you placed the small pieces of rice.

Another way of eating rice without the use of a fork is to mash it. To mince the grain you will use a teaspoon. You can add salt or pepper to the teaspoon to enhance the taste. You can eat by the spoonful without the salt. Just be sure that the salt and pepper do not get into your eyes.

How to eat with fork and spoon is a matter of trial and error. You might have to try a few times before you find the right way to eat. If you are used to eating with your fingers, you may have a hard time changing to using a spoon. Even if you find that it is comfortable in your mouth, you might have trouble with the movement of your spoon. You may find that the spoon is hard to move, causing your food particles to fall into your glass.

You can improve how to eat with fork and spoon by practicing at home. Set aside some time on a day when you are not eating anything else and just eat a piece of rice. Do this several times until you are able to eat a piece of rice without having your food stuck in your teeth. You can also practice in front of a video camera. Put on a few songs and make sure that you sing along. After you have mastered this you should be able to avoid having your food get stuck in your teeth during the entire meal.

It takes practice and determination to learn how to eat with a fork and spoon. If you can practice often you will become a better eater. It is worth the time and effort to learn how to eat with the spoon instead of your finger. Your food will be cleaner and you will be less likely to eat things that are too hard to chew. Your teeth will also thank you. Good luck and happy eating!

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