Dinning Manners Importance In your life

“Dinning Manners” is a phrase originated from the French and is a very important aspect of good dining etiquette. It is believed that it was introduced by the English in their effort to distinguish themselves from their neighbors by using a formal system of dining to show respect for their guests. The origin of the phrase “Dinning Manners” can be traced to the middle ages when it was a common custom to have a formal meal after a long day of work. The long hours of dancing, reading, and other leisure activities were taking the toll on the body of the people, who in turn used to feel the effects of fatigue in the end.

During these times, it became necessary to find a way to relax the tired muscles of the body, and that’s where dining table manners were born. It was necessary to take a break occasionally to avoid digestion problems that would arise from too much eating. It was also necessary to make sure that the person dining with us did not feel bored or irritated because of the long hours he or she had been reading, watching television, listening to music, or talking to friends. Hence, with the introduction of dinning table manners, it became possible for people to have a relaxing time with family and friends at home instead of being forced to eat at restaurants or hotels.

Although dining etiquette has evolved through the ages, there are some basics that are still followed today such as having the right posture while eating, placing the meals on the dining table, not placing the food and drinking glasses on the table together, and not eating too fast. It is recommended that one should never eat too much during mealtime. The dinning etiquette guides state that, instead of eating four pieces of each dish, one should eat three. This is to ensure that one does not eat the same food as his or her guest.

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